4 Tips on Improving the Skills and Technique of the Average Backyard Barbequer

Most Americans like definitive barbecue cuts such as beef brisket, pulled pork and pork ribs. Barbecue cuts have been popular in barbecue places like California and Carolina. However, these cuts are now a primary of local dining even in other places around the country. Many Americans are trying different ways of making unique sweet smoky flavors in their backyard. However, some are hesitant to use some of the newly devised local methods of making foods on the grill. These methods though make these foods match the sweet smoky barbecues from the south. Here are some of the tips that you can use to make great barbecues in your backyard:

  1. Use rubs

The first tip is to use rubs to add flavor to your barbecue. Rubs are a blend of dry spices that are applied depending on the size of the cuts being barbecued. You should seal the meat when cooking longer to keep it moist. Moreover, rubs are of different varieties, though you can still make one that suits your taste and economic basis. However, you should take the skin of the chicken off before applying the rub.

  1. Cook in presence of smoke

Cooking your barbecue in presence of smoke and over indirect heat gives it a great flavor. This is because barbecuing is different from grilling that requires the food to be cooked over direct heat. Most outstanding barbecuers use wood fires to get this flavor. However, a backyard fan can use a bag of barbecue wood chips, a tin foil or still use wood fire. These wood chips are mainly found in most stores where charcoal is purchased. Moreover, the wood chips are available in different flavors such as mesquite, hickory and cherry apple. Most barbecuers prefer hickory for barbecue cuts.

  1. Cook at the right temperature

Preparing great barbecue cuts such as shoulder, brisket or ribs require you to cook them enough and for long. This prevents your barbecue from being too tough. Beef and pork are deemed ready at 140 degrees Fahrenheit though for them to be completely tender, a temperature of about 160 degrees Fahrenheit is required. Pork shoulders and brisket take about 12 to 14 hours to be ready while ribs take only four hours to cook. You should, therefore, consider having a meat thermometer because it is an important barbecue device.

  1. Keep your cuts moist

Maintaining the moisture of your cuts while cooking can be achieved in two ways. This is by applying a solution that helps to keep meats moist while cooking. This solution is known as a mop. Secondly, this can also be done by wrapping your barbecue cuts with a tin foil.

These are some of the skills and techniques that can really make a big difference in your backyard barbecue cooking.