How To Clean Your Dirty Grates In 6 Simple Steps

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  1. Hold the brush flat against the grill and scrub away.  This way you are able to effectively clean the top and sides of the grates. You can also clear any gunk out of the sides and corners of the grill.
  2. Hold the brush vertically and scrub between the grates.  This way you are able the get deeper between the bars and clean any debris that have spread further down.
  3. The best time to clean the grill is when it is still hot, as any burnt on food will be easier to remove.  
  4. It also helps if the brush is wet.  Fill a container with water and put it by the grill so you can dip the brush in and keep the bristles wet.  This way, each time the wet bristles contact the hot grate steam will be produced which will make cleaning off the mess so much easier.
  5. Ensuring the brush is wet also helps prevent grease sticking to the bristles, making cleaning the brush faster
  6. For really stubborn patches of burnt on food, the long plastic handle ensures that you can use a two-handed grip and really put some force behind your scrubbing.

CLEANING: Simply rinse the brush in hot water.  Do this immediately after use to make cleaning ever quicker.

STORAGE: To give your brush the longest life possible, ensure that you keep it somewhere dry.


  1. The bristles are sharp!  Don't grab the brush by the bristles.  Keep the brush out of the reach of children.
  2. Always check the grate for loose bristles after using the brush.  The easiest way to do this is rub it over with a damp or oiled cloth.  If you find any bristles stuck to the cloth it's time to replace your brush.  

Hope you found this useful!

Joe Marcus - CEO of Alpha Grillers

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