3 Must-Have BBQ & Grilling Tools Top Pitmasters Can't Live Without

It's pretty obvious that cooking outdoors can be an expensive hobby, especially when you see the overwhelming variety of tools out there.

Tons of different options, so many different styles, tons of reviews and you tend to follow the ‘whats cool’ style... even if you don't really need it...

Even worse when your tools start to degrade, rust and stop working in less than one season of grilling!

We believe you should only buy what you need, only buy ONCE and use your saved hard earned cash on a road trip with your beloved family.

Stop worrying about the next trendiest product out there. We've done the research for you!

Our 33 years of experience in BBQing & Grilling, talking to top-notch competitive Pitmasters & Chefs and doing rigorous product testing have led us to these essential TOP 3 tools.

Packaged in a carefully designed gift wrap any one of these would make a great gift for grilling-lovers everywhere.

With this gear, you can be sure of having the perfect Grilling or BBQ session.

Every. Single. Time.

Shall we...?

#1 Heavy-Duty BBQ Tool Set


Extra thick. Solid stainless steel. You'll be amazed how sturdy each tool feels in your hand. Easily skewer, grab or flip whole chickens, racks and briskets. Never worry about your tools bending, breaking or rusting again. Huge reach lets you get right to the back of the grill without singing your arms. With these trusty utensils at your side get ready to make short work of even the most fully loaded grill, and get back to the party! 


Huge hanging loops and tongs that lock shut to save you space and hassle. Massive spatula head for flipping even the biggest burgers. Serrated cutting edge equal to any steak knife for slicing open your meat or scraping it away from a sticky grate. Super sharp fork tines for skewering. Scalloped tongs to allow handling of delicate foods, like fish, without tearing. Even a bottle opener to make sure the Grill Master is always hydrated!

This tool set is a true masterpiece.

Price 69.97

Price Today 49.97 (-28%)

Buy your Heavy Duty BBQ Tool Set Here


#2 Original Grill Brush With A 1-Year Guarantee 


You might have owned brushes that are flimsy, hard to use, bend and won't clean your grates thoroughly.

Even worse when the brush starts rusting and bristles flattening out completely in less than one season of grilling! 

Last thing you want in your steak are steel wires and someone close ending up in a hospital.

Also, there goes your $10 again...

According to Edward Lee of Louisville's 610 Magnolia, "A clean grill is a happy grill." That's why he considers a high-powered metal grill brush to be a griller's best friend. "If your grate's not clean, you can't grill correctly, and your food will taste carbonized."

The new ingenious spiral wire design allows you to hold the brush at any angle and still have full contact between the bristles and the grate. 

Once you have added this premium quality BBQ tool to you collection you can be sure you won't need a replacement for a very, very long time.

Price 19.97

Price Today 14.97 (-25%)

Buy your Original Grill Brush Here


#3 Instant Read Thermometer With Backlight


It's pretty common that guests sometimes jump to conclusions that a BBQ Party host can't cook, when actually the thermometer is letting down the faithful owner by 5-10 degrees. What a joke.


The second you press the power button of this bad boy it starts reading the temperature. Flip out the probe, insert the tip into your food, and in 4-7 seconds you will have an accurate and easy to read temperature displayed on the large back lit dial. No more sweating over a hot grill waiting for the temperature to settle. When you’re done simply flip the probe back hit the off button.

Never again worry about ruining a meal by over or under cooking.

Price 34.97

Price Today 29.97 (-14%)

Buy your Instant Read Thermometer With Backlight Here

Want a waterproof one? Then check out the Waterproof Instant Read Thermometer Here

Closing Words

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Joe Marcus - Founder of Alpha Grillers