Personal Thank You Letter From The CEO of Alpha Grillers

Dear sir/madam,

As I'm sitting here, behind an old wooden table in a small town called Wimberley, Texas.

I felt like it's my duty to personally to thank you for signing up with the Alpha Grillers.

Your work is done. Now it's my turn to help you achieve new levels of BBQ & Grill mastery.

I'll keep you up to date with what I've promised during sign-up. Here's a reminder:

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✔ Weekly recipes (including rub and spice recipes) - 1x / week
✔ Weekly BBQ Related Entertainment (everybody needs some humor!) - 1x / week
✔ Weekly videos showing and teaching BBQ tips, and secrets from the pros. - 1x / week
✔Join today, the membership to Alpha Grillers Discount Club is free of charge. - 1 or 2x / month.

P.S. I've already added your e-mail to those subscription packages. You can cancel any time!

What's more?

Well, you can already browse around our store to see what you like here or find out what Alpha Grillers is all about by clicking here.

My daughter just ran into my room to invite me outside...

Guess what...

Another BBQ session is set to motion.

Until next time,

Joe Marcus - CEO of Alpha Grillers